Rodolfo Hernandez

Chief Creative Officer

My claim to fame (or more accurately infamy) is poisoning the annoying and noisy guinea pig my son had as a pet. Although I feel endlessly guilty, my grown son now agrees it was the thing to do. Other than that, I’ve done some big things, but certainly not as cruel.

As head creative for the Homeland Security terrorism preparedness initiative, I crafted what they tell me was a memorable campaign. The “Angel de la Guardia” PSA I led captured its first “international” award just one month after its launch.  Wow.

Before joining the Elevation family in 2002, I was Creative Director at Castor Advertising. There, I managed three creative groups at the New York office, organized and participated actively in qualitative and quantitative research and won nine international creative awards for clients such as Ameritech, Budweiser, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Kmart and McDonalds.

Prior to my U.S. debut, I was Sr. Creative Director at Publicidad Ferrer and Sr. Copywriter at Teran Publicidad, both in Mexico City. Although at the time I thought it was useless, I have a graduate degree in Spanish Literature from the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM) and an undergraduate degree in Social Anthropology from the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM). Ah, and I love soccer…


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