Jimmy Learned

President/Managing Director

I believe in perfect fits, I believe in destiny, I believe in team, I believe in todos un pueblo, I believe in passionate pursuits, I believe in leadership, I believe in living with a smile and I believe in believing! In truth, I believe that my career direction may have actually begun in a small theatre in Lima, Peru. It was there in ’65 that I saw “A Hard Days Night” by The Beatles.

I didn’t even speak English. Since then, I have been an active participant and fan of the world of creativity, art and expression. It followed me to the states in ’70 and on to Southeast Asia and even Africa through the years… just a young child taking the world all in. Today, it seems quite fitting that advertising follows – choir, theatre, fútbol, rock & roll, family and life – as my passions.

I love the business we are in. It is a garden filled with opportunities to face challenges, to grow, to fail, to win, to think, to learn, to collaborate, to manage, to inspire and to evolve. I have worked with and for some amazing people. I have served members of Fortune 100 companies and also the local dreamers (God love ‘em). I always think… I am one of the lucky ones.

To my teammates: I will always work my hardest FOR you! To my clients: I will always work and think harder than I ever thought possible. And to my contemporaries: let’s keep changing the rules. And, don’t forget, smile. Gracias!


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