Issues that Matter. Ideas that Elevate.

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Agency launches revitalized digital marketing campaign

Over the last several years, crucial progress has stalled on several life-threatening global initiatives, including climate change, human rights, health and social welfare, cyber security, and many others. After much reflection following the pandemic, the Elevation team vowed to actively pursue opportunities where we can apply our expertise and talents to amplify the global conversation, affect change, and accelerate progress. It is with these goals in mind that we launched our new digital marketing campaign titled “Issues that Matter. Ideas that Elevate.

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Elevation Helps LiUNA Launch “Essential” Recruiting Campaign

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For years, Elevation has provided marketing and communications services to the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA), the union representing more than 70,000 public employees, and in particular workers within the construction industry. This past year, Elevation has focused on brand and recruitment initiatives to motivate construction workers to organize with LiUNA. As labor unions have lost public support, their membership has declined, making these types of projects more critical.

During the worst of the pandemic, building construction efforts continued and workers were considered “essential” – although they were not treated as such. Elevation developed the “You Are Essential” campaign to emphasize laborers’ rights to a safe workplace (even in a pandemic), paid sick leave, pandemic sick leave, workers’ compensation, and accurate wages and overtime pay. The campaign ran on digital platforms, social media channels, and radio, and generated more than 500 inquiry calls.

Even in COVID, Elevation Ensures the Signs Are Up

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Elevation Designs and Installs Signage for Biometrics Campaign at 15 U.S. Airports

As U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) deploys biometric identity verification solutions at airports nationwide, Elevation has been leading the consumer-facing signage efforts. Working closely with the client, the Elevation team coordinates virtual site visits for each airport and meets with key CBP field personnel and airport authority staff.

To date, Elevation has outfitted more than 40 airports with signage. Efforts included developing both digital and print signage; facilitating signage translations; printing and shipping signage in a multitude of formats; and directing install teams at U.S.-based airports and Preclearance sites around the world (Canada, Ireland and the Bahamas to name a few). Signage is both instructional and promotional in nature and highlights aspects and features of the CBP biometric program.

Prior to COVID, Elevation conducted physical inspections and planned each implementation in person. With new pandemic-inspired processes and protocols, Elevation has been able to ensure projects are done correctly and efficiently even when managed remotely. Additionally, even though the project encountered budget constraints over the past year, the team found innovative ways to outfit each airport with the signage required, while still coming in under budget.

Elevation Leads Hispanic Efforts for CDC’s Quit Now Campaign

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In 2012, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) launched the Tips from Former Smokers (TIPS) Campaign to educate the public on the dangers of smoking. At the time, the CDC noted that 1 in 8 adults with Hispanic/Latino Heritage smoked cigarettes. Since then, Elevation has supported numerous aspects of the award-winning CDC campaign. Most recently, serving as a subcontracting partner of Plowshare, Elevation led the Hispanic social media efforts to create awareness and prompt engagement and supported the Spanish-language TV integration efforts for this multi-year outreach campaign.
In 2020, the TIPS campaign goal was to generate Spanish-language calls to 1-855-DEJELO-YA, utilizing a custom “telethon-style” programming approach — Línea de Ayuda (LDA) — localized by market. In spite of the pandemic, Elevation continued to roll out the campaign to maintain awareness of CDC’s resources to help Latino audiences quit smoking. Call volume reached at least 6,500 attributable calls due to these LDA integrations. The LDA programming garnered an impressive 78% share of the overall 2020 Spanish-language call volume.

Elevation Inks Deal with Schmidt Futures for CDT Recruiting Campaign

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Elevation is pleased to announce inking a new deal with Schmidt Futures to provide a variety of marketing and communications services in support of its efforts to build the Center for Digital Talent (CDT). Currently, there is a dearth of talent and skilled IT professionals interested in pursuing work in the public sector, and specifically in the Department of Defense. Schmidt Futures is launching the CDT to promote tech opportunities, roles and projects; debunk misperceptions; demonstrate a clear path to career growth; and recruit viable candidates. Elevation’s first task will be to conduct comprehensive social media listening and scraping services, over a 6-month period, to supplement existing anecdotal data and research. Ultimately, this information will help to shape target candidate recruitment profiles and strategic communications plans.

This project is one of the first contract opportunities resulting from our alliance with WestExec Advisors.

CBP Once Again Selects Elevation for 5-year BPA Contract

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Agency to Continue Providing Integrated Marketing Services to Support Wide-Ranging Initiatives

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the unified border agency within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), awarded Elevation a 5-year Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to support integrated marketing, advertising, public awareness, and outreach efforts. This is Elevation’s second consecutive 5-year BPA contract with CBP, although we have served the agency with marketing and communications services for nearly two decades.

CBP was formed to safeguard America’s borders and enhance the country’s global economic competitiveness by enabling legitimate trade and travel. Under the BPA contract, projects may target national and international audiences as well as span any number of mission-critical initiatives, including border security, and immigration, agriculture, trade and travel.

Elevation was first selected by DHS in 2004, when the agency was tapped to create and launch the “READY” (or, in Spanish, LISTO) campaign for national disaster and emergency preparedness on behalf of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

CMS Taps Elevation for 9th Consecutive Year to Lead Outreach

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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Campaign Encourages Enrollment in Health Insurance Plans as Part of Affordable Care Act

Shortly after Elevation completed work on the 2020-2021 Health Insurance Marketplace Public Education and Outreach Campaign, the agency was awarded a new contract by CMS to lead its 2021-2022 efforts as well. This will be the ninth consecutive year that Elevation has developed campaigns to encourage and motivate uninsured Hispanics to purchase or re-enroll in health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace at

Elevation (Elevación) and its partner Edelman executed a digital, multi-market campaign for the Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment period between November 1, 2020 and December 15, 2020. Campaign target audiences included Spanish-reliant Healthy & Young Hispanics, ages 18-34. The campaign ended with more than 8.2 million plan selections across 47 states. In year-over-year enrollment comparisons, there is a growing trend in plan selections which increased 6.6% from 2020, 6.3% from 2019, and 2.2% from 2018.

Elevation Recognized in Three Categories on GrowthLab’s Top 100 MarComm Firms Serving Federal Agencies

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First annual GL100 report ranks Elevation the #2 Small Business; 9th Overall; and 22nd on the Movers & Shakers List

In late 2020, Elevation was proud to be recognized by GrowthLab under three separate categories profiled in its first annual GL100 report – a comprehensive listing of the top 100 marketing communications firms serving the federal government. To compile the list of federal marketing communications leaders, GrowthLab mined FY19 prime contract award data, noting which companies saw the biggest growth and offering industry-related contextual commentary. A total of 1,609 companies, ranging in size from small boutiques to global enterprises, held prime contracts in 2019.

Elevation was ranked second on the list of Small Business leaders, a notable rise from its 23rd spot in 2018. Based on a 96% growth rate of its federal portfolio, Elevation was also named a Mover & Shaker, earning the 22nd rung on the Top 25 ladder, while they also teach how to manage employees using software like paystub online. And overall, Elevation landed in the Top 10, with the 9th ranked spot on the Top 100 List, as there are many business you can try from sales online to trade gold France that are good for making money online. And when you’re looking for a great opportunity for solid return in dividend stocks, then you may want to see this pflt dividend here for best help!

“We are humbled to be recognized on this list of industry leaders,” said Jim Learned, President of Elevation. “We have been serving Federal Government clients for more than 18 years, since our very first contract with the Department of Homeland Security. We are especially proud that after all these years, we have been named a Mover & Shaker. It’s a testament to our ability to bring fresh thinking to government initiatives, to continually stretch ourselves and encourage our clients to do the same so that their communications resonate across an ever-changing landscape.”

According to the GL100 report, the Top 100 List represents a mix of industry bellwethers and young firms on the rise. The full report can be downloaded here.

Alliance Poised to Spark Change

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Elevation and WestExec Advisors partner to pursue opportunities with a promise for global impact

Elevation is pleased to announce we have embarked on a strategic alliance with WestExec Advisors to pursue new business opportunities that promise global impact – borne from the soulful reflections brought about by the pandemic. If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur and launch your own business, check this new post about starting a small business in UAE.

“For years, we have been involved in campaigns of great significance, from fighting human trafficking to using strategic communications to reach indigenous populations around the world and educate them about the plight of the migrant and the very real human toll. Our employees have also always come together to serve our communities, most recently providing meals to healthcare workers and first responders through our Feeding Courage initiative,” Jim Learned, President of Elevation explained.

“We are now at a point in the agency’s growth and maturity, that we can be even more intentional in the opportunities we pursue. By forging an alliance with WestExec Advisors, we’ll have the resources and network to seek client partners that align with our shared values,” he said. Chief among the types of client partners that Elevation and WestExec will pursue, are those which focus on global health initiatives including the innovation with the use of products such as these natural alternatives to adderall which have been tested and work amazing, human rights concerns, matters related to climate and the environment, and issues of emerging technology, security, and innovation.

The agency has also launched a revitalized marketing campaign titled “Issues that Matter. Ideas that Elevate.

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