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Ask Pablo: What is your first step when approaching a new project?

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Vice President, Pablo has been on HUNDREDS of projects over the past 20+ years. He does so with a clear approach each time so our team asked him about his process when tasked with a new client request.

Pablo’s first step when approaching a new project is assessing which players are the right fit for the task and what that team can bring that is new and fresh to it to make it exceed all expectations.


Ask Taylor: When do you feel most creative?

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Our Creative Director, Taylor Crawford, shared his insights on his creative process and how his genius ideas come together. How does he do it?  He remains calm, cool, and collected by keeping things in perspective and judgment-free. Taylor feels most creative before the day’s craziness begins and he can just be. As our resident chill guy, he reminds us all to approach each project and task in a relaxed state of mind.

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Partner Spotlight: Typhoon

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In a variety of iterations, starting with PlacoMed, Elevation and Typhoon Video have been long-standing strategic partners since 2004 and today are a stronger force and alliance than ever. As our go-to digital and traditional media strategy, planning, buying, reporting, and international data mining and analysis agency, our partnership defines our mantra “We never lead with the plumbing, we always lead with the poetry”.

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Elevation Promotes CBP’s New ESTA Mobile App in Six Languages and Countries

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It is tremendously rewarding when one supports a client/partner’s perseverance to get something over the finish line.

Such is the case with U.S. Customs and Border Protections Visa Waiver Program powered by ESTA Leadership. Elevation is honored to have created and launched the ESTA Mobile App campaign internationally in six countries this past month. The strong initial results are making us all the more excited to launch this in even more Visa Waiver Program countries.

The campaign utilizes a broad mix of digital and video assets, making it both whimsical and insightful. You will find Peter Max-inspired animations, destination pins living large, and a phone in your FACE!

Banner Ads

Pin Drop Spots

Phone Face Spots

We have supported and worked with ESTA for almost a decade and I am humbled and proud that our team always seeks to break new ground and challenge themselves to find new adventures (pun intended).

Tip of the hat to our gang of Account and Creative wizards (Amanda, Harrison, Ronnie, Taylor, Laurent, Todd, and Ethan) and to the magicians at Hero Post in Atlanta! Onward and Upward.

                                 – Jimmy



Todos Un Pueblo Summit

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From Miami to Mexico, the entire Elevation family (our whole village!) came together for our first annual Todos un Pueblo Summit—which provided a chance to gather in person, feast on the tastiest food in DC (which included a special lunch expertly prepared by El Chalan’s former chef, Gregorio Pumarino), celebrate milestones and get our creative juices flowing. Often, when we are immersed in our daily responsibilities, we don’t have a chance to learn about the successes or challenges of other projects. This special event changed all that. Each of us now holds a deeper appreciation for all the great work being done across the agency—and around the world!

Isn’t that always the case though? Quality family time can strengthen bonds and spark enthusiasm and love. Cheers to what’s next in 2023—a year brimming with creative promise and growth.