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Ask Pablo: What is your first step when approaching a new project?

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Vice President, Pablo has been on HUNDREDS of projects over the past 20+ years. He does so with a clear approach each time so our team asked him about his process when tasked with a new client request.

Pablo’s first step when approaching a new project is assessing which players are the right fit for the task and what that team can bring that is new and fresh to it to make it exceed all expectations.


CDC quit now campaign

Elevation Leads Hispanic Efforts for CDC’s Quit Now Campaign

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In 2012, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) launched the Tips from Former Smokers (TIPS) Campaign to educate the public on the dangers of smoking. At the time, the CDC noted that 1 in 8 adults with Hispanic/Latino Heritage smoked cigarettes. Since then, Elevation has supported numerous aspects of the award-winning CDC campaign. Most recently, serving as a subcontracting partner of Plowshare, Elevation led the Hispanic social media efforts to create awareness and prompt engagement and supported the Spanish-language TV integration efforts for this multi-year outreach campaign.

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