Kim Murphy

Master of the Written Word

I have always been a writer. Some of my earliest memories are of writing poems alone in my bedroom. When I was 17, I was hanging out with a high school friend who was home on vacation from college. I asked what he was studying and he replied “Mass Communications.” My long running infatuation with him led me to coo, “Me too,” even as I wondered what Mass Communications meant.

Eventually I landed on my college campus and decided to look up Communications in the course catalogue. That’s when I discovered that it really did encompass everything I loved: writing, art, creativity, persuasion, expression, media and more! So I stuck with it. . . and with that lifelong friend, Jimmy Learned, who ended up founding Elevation. I credit him not only with putting me on the exact right professional path, but also with playing cupid for my husband and me.

I am honored to have been part of the Elevation family since the beginning and to have opportunities every single day to crunch words and craft sentences.


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