Ask Kim: What is the secret to good copywriting?

By February 12, 2023 Company Culture No Comments

Whether she is crunching words or crafting skillful sentences, our resident copywriter, Kim Murphy has mastered the art of the written word. An integral part of the Elevation family and a true wordsmith, we asked Kim what her secret to good copywriting was.

“It involves architecting the bridge between the client’s vision and the end consumer’s action. Of course, in the real world, bridges are built from any number of materials: rope, wood, steel, concrete. In copywriting, we build bridges using words and phrases, but we also use rhythm, voice, tone and tenor––all of which strive to convey the client’s vision and align with the moment, the opportunity and the target audience mindset. Something may be well written, but the bridge can still be faulty. That’s ultimately the litmus test: Does the writing energize the client and elicit action from the end user?”