Ask Ron: What is the key to good creative?

creative director

Elevations’ Creative Director and Writer, Ron Huey, has spent his career coming up with simple ideas to solve complex problems. As members of the team marvel at his creative concepts, we often wonder…how does he do it? We asked the mastermind himself what he finds to be the key to good creative.

“You know what most people hate? Advertising. Because most of it is just noise. It’s an interruption to their day. It beats them over the head and insults their intelligence. On the contrary, great creative work is unexpected, it catches people by surprise and invites them in. It rewards their intelligence. Great creative work has a road map, starting with a clear strategy.creative director

In the end, a great concept is usually glaringly simple, it conveys a relatable human truth and it connects emotionally with the audience. It sounds easy, but it’s incredibly hard.”